Superbowl Cream cheese sausage dip

5   8 oz. packages cream cheese 3  regular cans of rotel (original) 2 lb rolls of ground sausage (Jimmy dean’s all natural) 1 large onion Brown sausage and onion together in a pan. Melt cream cheese in a crock pot, add rotel, meat and onions. Simmer until melted and blended together. Great with chips, almondContinue reading “Superbowl Cream cheese sausage dip”

Gluten free Shortbread Cookies

Awesome cookies!! 1 1/3 cup white rice flour 1/2 sweet rice flour 1/2 cup arrowroot 1 tsp salt 1/4 tsp baking powder (corn free) 1/4 tsp agar gum 14 tbsp butter, softened 1 tsp vanilla extract 3/4 cup sugar *** 1 tsp almond extract for Almond shortbread cookies****** Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Cream togetherContinue reading “Gluten free Shortbread Cookies”

My Gluten free flour blend for English muffin bread

4 cups brown rice flour 2 cups sweet rice flour 2 cups potato starch 1/2 cup arrowroot 5 tsp guar gum Mix all ingredients together and use the same way all purpose flour is used. Best for heavier breads. Can be divided out into smaller batches if needed.

Gluten free Pita bread for Gyros

Also known as Flatbread 3 cups gluten free flour 1 tsp sugar 2 1/2 tsp yeast 1 1/2 warm water Combine yeast with warm water (not over 120 degrees) and sugar (feeds the yeast). Set aside until it becomes frothy. Usually 10-15 minutes. Mix flour with yeast mixture and stir until well mixed. Cover andContinue reading “Gluten free Pita bread for Gyros”

Tzatziki sauce for Gyros

8 oz Greek yogurt (I use Chobani, since it doesn’t have cornstarch) 2 tbsp olive oil 1/2 lime or lemon (lime gives a bit more zing) 1 tbsp dill 3 cloves garlic 1 tbsp red wine vinegar 1 tbsp dried parsley Salt & pepper to taste Mix all ingredients together and chill for 30 minutesContinue reading “Tzatziki sauce for Gyros”

Gyro recipe

1/2 medium onion 1 lb ground beef 1 lb lamb 3 tsp oregano 1 1/2 tsp salt 1  tsp ground black pepper 1-2 tsp garlic powder 3-5 cloves of garlic 1/2 cup rice flakes Pita bread Garnishes: Tzatziki sauce Lettuce Tomato Onion Black olives (I prefer Kalamata) Feta or crumbled goat cheese Coursely chop onionContinue reading “Gyro recipe”